A little motivation for you…

A Redditor posted his (her?) churning success after one year into the game. I’m just going to steal the post so I can revisit when I’m feeling down because what he’s been able to do is quite impressive


A year and some change

American Express Platinum 100,000

American Express Mercedes Benz Platinum 75,000

American Express Charles Schwab Platinum 40,000

American Express Premier Rewards Gold 50,000

American Express Starwood preferred guest 30,000

American Express Starwood preferred guest Business 35,000

American Express Business Rewards Gold 50,000

Chase British Airways 50,000

Chase Hyatt 2 nights

Chase IHG 80,000 + 1 free night

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer 55,000

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Business 50,000

Chase Ink+ Business 70,000

Barclay US Airways 50,000 (Transferred to American Airlines)

Barclay Arrival+ 40,000

Wells Fargo Propel 40,000

2X Citi AAdvantage Platinum 60,000

Citi AAdvantage Platinum 50,000

Citi AAdvantage executive 75,000




Redemtions: These are only flights that I have taken. It is NOT including flights Ive bought for my family members, friends, and Significant other!

Month 1:

XNA->HKG Paid on United ($900 for Roundtrip)

HKG->Macao Paid on ferry ($30 for Roundtrip)


HKG->SIN ($130)

SIN->KUL Paid on bus ($10)

KUL->PHK ($70)

PHK->Koh Phangan by bus/ferry ($20)

Koh Phangan->CNX ($70)

CNX->BKK by bus ($12)

BKK->HKG ($100)

HKG->XNA (Part of $900 return flight)

Month 2:

XNA->SAN 12,500 AA

SAN->MSO 12,500 AA

MSO->XNA 12,500 AA

XNA->DUB 20,000 AA

DUB->MAN Paid on Ryan Air ($15)

MAN->LHR Paid on Mega Bus ($20)

LHR->SZC Paid on Wizz air ($2.50)

SZC->LHR Paid on Wizz air ($2.50)

LHR->MSO 20,000 AA

MSO->XNA 12,500 AA

Month 3:

XNA->FCO 30,000 United

FCO->PRG 10,000 MR

PRG->XNA 30,000 United

Month 4:

XNA->BUD 20,000 AA

BUD->STO Paid on Ryan Air ($20)

STO-CPH Paid on Wizz air ($5)

CPH->CDG Paid on Ryan Air ($28)

BVA->DUB Paid on Ryan Air ($35)

DUB->XNA 20,000 AA Got home tonight


XNA->SAN 13000 MR and 7500 BA

SAN->XNA 12500 AA

XNA->SAN 10,000 BA

LAS->CCS 7,500 MR

CCS->XNA 20,000 United

XNA->LIM 20,000 United

LIM->SCL 8,000 MR (roundtrip)


LIM->XNA 20,000 United

/ / I recently redeemed 200,000 MR points for $2,500.

Im Currently sitting on:

80,000 IHG + 1 free night

213,000 AA

95,000 United

45,000 British airways

2 Hyatt free nights

12,000 SPG


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