Amex SPG 35000 bonus



Update: The current bonus is 25000. 

Get it before it’s gone! The 35000 bonus offer ends today. This is a great opportunity if you’re looking to replenish your AA miles balance or other partner programs. Here is the application link. SPG points are some of the most valuable in the churning game with a multitude of airline partners such as Delta and Emirates.

SPG Airline Transfer Partners

I just applied today and got approved. I plan on meeting the MSR by buying gift cards and liquidating them. You can too by referring to my post on manufactured spending.


Less than two months into churning. Progress update


I have to preface this by saying that the churning game isn’t made for those with very little patience I’m the type that checks my FF balance several times a day hoping something new has posted. However seeing things like this replenishes my patience battery and keeps me focused on the goal.

I applied for my first bonus card on 2/3/2016, followed by another citi AA business a month later. I met the minimum spending requirements wI think a few days through MS’ing techniques and some organic spending.

Here is a summary:

  • 2/3/2016: Citi AA Platinum Select. 50k bonus + 10k matching bonus (there was a 60k offer floating around, Citi was kind enough to match it).
  • 3/2016: CitiBusiness Platinum Select. 50k sign up bonus + 10k match bonus.
  • AA eshopping portal: see my post on how I took advantage of a couple of offers to earn AA miles.